Waterman Hemisphere (Medium Nib)

Waterman Hemisphere For the last 6 months I have been on a quest to purchase a new fountain pen.  I wanted to purchase something different to the Lamy Safari which I have been using for sometime.  While on a holiday in Birmingham with my wife I stumbled upon “The Pen Shop”.  This is where I was introduced to the brand called “Waterman”.  The staff member was really helpful and presented the “Waterman Hemisphere” for me to try out.  After doing a few writing samples with this pen I had to buy it.  Fast forward to the present and I still think I have found my favorite fountain pen!

What I really like about the Waterman Hemisphere is the look of it.  The black coating that covers the cap and barrel has a reflective finish and factor in the silver trims that is used, this looks an expensive fountain pen.  While feeling a well made pen it doesn’t feel heavy in the hand which makes it a very comfortable pen to write with over long periods. Another plus is that it can take a converter which means you can use bottled ink.  I have my converter filled with Pelikan Brillant Black. The nib hasn’t felt scratchy at any point and the ink flow has been good so far.  One thing I have noticed is that the nib does flex a little depending on how much pressure you exert on the pen while writing.

A few minor niggles I have with the Waterman Hemisphere is that I find the Medium nib a tad to thick for my taste and there always seems to be small spots of ink on the actual nib itself.  I haven’t really looked in to this to see if it is a common issue with the Waterman nibs.  I might also look into swapping the nib out for a finer one later.

Overall I love the Waterman Hemisphere and I can’t see me buying a replacement Fountain Pen for a long time.