Pilot V7 Hi-Tec Point 0.7mm Cartridge System

8581544501_866a11edf4 This pen can be purchased from Cult Pens for £3.05 and is available in Black, Red, Blue and Green.  The Nib is a 0.7mm that actually lays down a 0.5mm Line. One interesting feature is that the barrel is made from 71% recycled plastic.

The Pilot V7 uses a cartridge system which makes it a cost effective pen to use.  The cartridges come in packs of three and cost £2.59.  The pen feels very light and durable and lays down a great and consistent line.  One aspect of this that impressed me the most is the drying time, it only took a few seconds to dry.  While writing the nib hasn’t felt scratchy at any point and in fact feels very smooth whilst writing. I have found the line width to be a tad on the thick side but I really like a thin line so I can’t hold this against the Pilot V7.

Over at Cult Pens Blog there is a very interesting post where they attempt to use different converters with the Pilot V7 to see if you can use bottled ink with it.  I really would recommend you head on over and give it a read.

This is a good pen that I think is cost effective to own but doesn’t let you down in quality.