Mont Blanc Oyster Grey

Mont Blanc Oyster Grey

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Ink: Mont Blanc Oyster Grey

Paper: Rhodia Line Grid (80g/m - 21.3lb)

Pen: Pelikan M200 Demonstrator, Fine nib.


I actually came across this ink by a fluke.  My wife was catching up with some friends and I had time to kill.  As any good pen addict does I went into a pen shop, while browsing I came across a ink by Mont Blanc called “Oyster Grey”.  I searched this on my phone and found out this is a ink that can be hard to come across. So this is a grey ink that can be hard to find……. I had to have it.  This takes my grey inks to three and I think this could be my everyday ink.

It really does look like a dark shade of a pencil lead and it has wonderful levels of shading.  I do think I can see a shade of greyish green in the lighter parts of the shading after the ink has dried.  You can get it from the wonderful grey to a nearly black colour with shading.

The Oyster Grey does take a decent amount of time to dry and even at the 20 second mark there was still a slight smudge to the ink.

This is a wonderful ink and if you happen to see one I really do recommend you give it ago!

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