Uniball Jetstream 101 in Black

The Uniball Jetstream 101 comes in at a healthy £1.34 (CultPens) and comes in Black, Blue and Red.  The pen design is made up from a plastic barrel that has a grip towards the writing area of the pen.  I found the grip area to be a tad smooth which gave me a lack of grip, which meant my fingers would slide down the pen while I was writing.  The design of the pen also provides a nice surprise.  The cap clicks over the tip on the pen really well and produces a strangely satisfying click sound!

The ink in the Jetstream is made up of what is called “Uni Super Ink” which means that it is a hybrid ink.  It takes the best aspects of a traditional ballpoint and gel ink.  This creates an ink that is dense, bright in colour, smooth flowing, fast drying and waterproof.  I have experienced all of the above except for the waterproof test yet.

This is a good budget pen that will give you another option if you aren’t a fan of gel ink pens.