Field Notes Memo Book


The journey to owning my first set of field notes is really interesting as I was actually gifted three different sets by a fellow pen addict (@InkyBeans).  This was his way of saying thanks for ruining his life and dragging him further down the rabbit hole of pen addiction.  

This has started me on a new journey which I didn’t think I would ever be involved in.  I think I might actually be collecting Field Notes Memo Books.  Let me break down how this change has occurred.  

For a number of years I have been using A5 notebooks and for the most part been pretty happy with using them, the one issue I would keep coming across though is that I struggled to fill a notebook.  By this I mean that I would get a sort of mind blank with regards to filling a page.   I almost felt under pressure to write information down, it started to be not fun anymore.  This caused me to rethink my whole note taking process.  I struggled with how to best improve my note taking setup until one morning I had a twitter conversation with another pen addict that goes by the twitter tag @KenouniRenashin. She had started to make her own memo size notebooks and she kindly sent me one.  This added to the fact I had started an online Ruby on Rails programming course changed my whole note taking setup and style for the better.  The smaller pages have meant that I only record what I deem important.  It has focused me and made my notes reusable and easier to flick through.

Field Notes suit this new setup for me brilliantly as they are the perfect size for me.  They fit in a back pocket and can take everyday wear and tear.  48 pages is more than enough for me to record programming ideas and what not.  The page quality is pretty impressive but I wouldn’t say its 100% fountain pen friendly.  I did find while testing with fountain pens that there was a fair amount of feathering.  The bleed through on the other side of the page wasn't to bad but did seem to show through more in certain areas.  I did find other non-fountain pens worked better with less bleed through to the other page. The drying times were pretty impressive regardless of wether it was a fountain pen or not.

I do think that I will pair my AJOTO with my field notes and see how this fairs.  I really do recommend that any pen addict out there has at least one set of Field Notes but the problem is you can never really own just one set…..

I would love to know what your notebook setup is and if you would recommend any alternatives to Field Notes.