How to make you mark!

This is another Kickstarter project that I backed.  This one was slightly more interesting as it was a company based in the UK called Ajoto.

Design and Quality

For me the design of this pen is stunning.  What I learned over the course of this Kickstarter is that Ajoto have an eye for the detail, big and small. If you took a small tear drop shape and stretched it out you would have the design of this pen.  At the top it is thinner where it gets wider towards the end.  This makes this a very comfortable pen to hold for long periods of time. The pen is made from aluminum and my model has a black finish. The finish is smooth put this does mean you sacrifice in grip, it holds very well in the hand.

The only pen I can think of to compare this to is the Retro51 Stealth I own.  They both use a twist mechanism to produce and retract the nib.  The twist mechanism for the Ajoto pen has curved lines cut into it so it twists very smoothly and securely into place. A simple but very smart piece of engineering.

Weight and Dimensions

I have found over the period of time I have been using this pen that the weight balance is pretty spot on.  However it does feel a tad bit heavier at the nib end of the barrel.  This didn’t have any impact on my writing experience but a few people I have let use the Ajoto have commented on the weight.

Comparing it to the Retro51 shows that the Ajoto is a tad bit longer but slightly thinner.

  1. With the nib produced it is 13.5cm in length.
  2. With the nib retracted it is 13.4cm in length.

Filling System

It takes refills! Two types, Rollerballs: Schmidt 8126 and Ballpoints: P900.  Everyone knows the Schmidt 8126 is a fantastic refill. NEXT!

Nib and Performance

Read above! Nib is awesome as the refill is! NEXT!

The Cost and is it worth it?

I paid £65 for mine and I love it to bits.  I have been using mine for a few weeks now and it is very much part of my daily carry.  This was a really well run Kickstarter as there was a good and steady supply of information and what stage things were at. If I had one regret, it was that I didn’t buy the leather pouch for mine but they are opening their website soon which means I can fix this issue. If you have a Retro51 and like it, then this is the upgrade to that experience.  Everyone should own one of these.

I had toyed with showing you all of the packaging that comes with this pen but I decided not to as you will be in for a treat.  Believe me though, it is fantastic! Take note expensive fountain pen manufactures!