Lamy Safari Charcoal Black with Extra Fine Nib

Image This was a pen that I purchased from a company called JetPens for $26.  While I had this pen in my shopping basket, I also threw in a box of Black Lamy Cartridges and a Cartridge Converter for when I started to feel adventurous. This is classed as a "Entry" level fountain pen that consists of a plastic barrel as well as a plastic cap that has a metal clip.  The use of these materials makes this a fountain pen that feels light in the hand which is great if you are writing for extended periods.  The groove design for holding the pen makes the pen comfortable to hold.  It feels vey natural in the hand while writing.  One thing I have noticed is that whilst I have been using the Lamy, if I have the cap posted, the pen actually feels heavier to hold which over time makes the Lamy feel less comfortable in the hand.

After a period of using the Safari with the black Lamy Cartridges, I started to notice that the ink went down on the page as a dark black but actually dried in to a dull grey colour.  This prompted me in to considering to buy a bottle of ink.  While on a city holiday with my wife in Dublin, using the art of a quick "Maps" app search on my iPhone I found a pen store called "The Pen Corner".  A visit there presented me with a wealth of choices for bottled ink.  The problem with this is that all of this is very new to me so I just took a stab in the dark.  A bottle of Pelikan 4001 Brilliant Black (30ml) to be exact!  Via a quick search on youtube I found out how to fill the safari using the ink converter.  I have only been using this ink for roughly a week but the results are better.  When the ink dries it stays a darker shade than that of the Lamy ink (in my opinion).

Overall I have be using the Lamy Safari for a few months now and I have found it to be a very enjoyable experience.  As soon as you take the cap off, the Lamy is ready to write and the ink flow is consistent.  The EF nib hasn't felt scratchy at all no matter what make or style of notebook I have been using.  This is a great starter pen that I would happily recommend.

PS: For people living in the UK there is a great website called CultPens who sell this pen plus more.  I have been using them for a while now and would recommend them for all your pen needs.