Diamine Onyx Black

I haven’t been really that happy with how I have been reviewing inks so I decided to shake things up.  The main reason for my unhappiness is that I felt there wasn’t enough ink on the page.  I am a lot more happier with this review and will continue in this style but maybe look at refining it a bit here and there.

Review Setup

Ink:Diamine Onyx Black

Paper:Rhodia Dot Grid (80g/m - 21.3lb)

Pen: (Twiss Pens) Vintage Orange Ice, Extra Fine Baron/Senator Nib


When I first received this ink I really didn’t like it.  I found that while writing I always seem to get more of a grey shade that actually a deep black.  After a few days of this I decided to flush out my fountain pen and ink it back up.  To my surprise this seemed to make a difference! Maybe I didn’t dry the fountain pen out enough when changing from a previous ink.

Overall this is a pretty good everyday ink.  It has nice shades of black and the dry times is pretty good.

This ink has started to grow on me the more I use it.  Who knows, this could be my go to black ink!

I would love to know what you think of this style for reviewing inks!