Cult Pens Mini Fountain Pen

Not content with taking on the world of ink, Cult Pens now are taking on the world of fountain pens!

Design and Quality

With Cult Pens pairing up with German pen manufactures Kaweco you know this means quality. The barrel is made from Anodized Aluminum that has a matt brushed finish. The trims on the pen use a polished nickel-chromium plated brass. These two different contrasts of polished and brushed finishes go really well together. I really do like the look and feel of this pen.  One small design issue I have is on the back of the cap there is a logo printed “Cult Pens by Kaweco”. I think this stands out too much as the rest of the pen is clean and sharp. The cap is screwed into place when capped and then just slides into place when posted. To complete the cap there is a springy but strong stainless steel clip.

I did notice that during long periods of writing that where the grip area is there are treads to screw the cap into place.  I found that this did make it a little bit uncomfortable to write with for extended periods of time.  In the mini’s defence, I do death grip my pens so this could be causing that issue.

Weight and Dimensions

For such a tiny pen it does feel well made and solid. The cap and the barrel tend to feel the heaviest towards to the top end.  Without the cap posted this pen is way to small for my hands.  For the best writing experience you need to have the cap posted.

  1. With the cap it comes in at 10.3cm in length.
  2. Without the cap it is 9.3cm in length.
  3. With the cap posted it is 12.3cm in length.

Filling System

You can use either a international standard cartridge or purchase the official Kaweco Converter.  This is something I regretted not adding at the time but will definitely be buying one at a later date.

Nib and Performance

This is were it gets very interesting.  I was able to purchase mine from cult pens at a slightly cheaper price which got me thinking.  Why not go out of my comfort zone and try a broader nib size? I went for the Broad nib and to my surprise I have really enjoyed it.  The nib writes very smoothly.

One very interesting thing I noticed with the broader nib size is that it lays down a wetter line on the page.  This isn’t something I have experienced with the finer nibs I tend to use.  This hasn’t been a issue though.  It is also very easy to purchase a different Nib and easy to swap them out.

I really want to get the converter and buy a bright coloured ink as I think this will look great with this pen!

The Cost and is it worth it?

It retails at £29.95 and the only pen I can thing of comparing it to is the TWSBI Diamond.  Which one do I prefer? I would have to say it is the Cult Pens Mini. For one thing it is cheaper but you don’t pay for this in quality.  This is a great pen for the price and for such a small pen it packs a punch.  I would have no issues recommending this to anyone.