Nock, Nock!

Pen people around the world, time to rejoice! Are sensible pen storage needs are finally being met. If you are a regular reader at this site you will have come across the name Brad Dowdy (Pen Addict) ...... not content with making us buy wonderful pens, he nows wants us to buy his own pen cases! and you know what? Thats what a shed load of us are exactly doing.

Brady along with Jeffrey Bruckwicki have recently lunched a kickstarter project for their newly conceived company called Nock Co. I have actually reviewed a pen case that Jeffrey made before Nock Co and I love it.  They have a wide range of pledges that allow you to pick one style of pen case or if you are far enough down the rabbit hole like me the higher pledges get you a lot of the different cases.

There target was achieved within the first hour ($5,000) and as I type they are at $54,959.

Brad and Jeffrey have sent out some of their pen cases to be reviewed which you can read here.