Diamine - Cult Pens Deep Dark Blue

To be honest I have never given the whole blue/black ink colour a lot of thought but Brad over at his Pen Addict website/podcast seems to be on a personal quest to find the best blue/black ink available. The ink I am about to review is one he has mentioned a lot.

Review Setup

Ink: Diamine - Cult Pens Deep Dark Blue 30ml

Pen: Pilot Capless Fountain Pen Matt Black, Fine Nib

Paper: Rhodia Note Pad (80g Grid Paper)

Colour Consistency 

As this ink is essentially two colours it does make for interesting results as you write.  One interesting aspect I have found is that it lays down almost towards a solid black colour but then drys into a wonderful deep blue.

On closer inspection you will see light shades of blue mixed in with a deep blue that almost borders on black in some areas.  This makes the CP Deep Dark Blue have some very interesting tones of blue.

Towards stage three of the shading test you end up with again that very dark blue bordering black. For me stage one provides the best tones.

Drying Time

This lays down fairly wet so it requires a longer time to dry.  As you can see even at the fifteen second mark it is smudging quiet a lot. This would make me think that it may not be suitable for left handed writers.  If you are a lefty and have been using this ink I would love to hear from you!


A breeze, a few flushes of water and it was all gone.

Final Thoughts

This is my first ink that would be classed as a Blue/Black.  To sum it up, this my new every day ink as I love it!  The different tones of blue you get while writing make this a very interesting ink to use.  At different lights you see wonderful hints of light blue.  The dark blue tones contrast this really well for me. I see now why Brad talks a lot about this ink.  I only have the 30ml sample but I need to get more now.....