nu: elite B5 Business notebook

An everyday style notebook is great… well… for “everyday” use but what if you needed something more? Enter the nu: elite B5 Business notebook!

This is the notebook that aids you with getting things done (in an organised way)!

To help assert this statement, lets start off by listing the main features of this notebook:

  • Removable ruler and 3 dividers
  • Removable Business Card Wallet
  • Removable Pocket Holder
  • Contacts Page

All of this is brought together via a spiral bound and protected front and back by a hard plastic cover.

What is great about the removable options are that it creates the ability to customise this notebook to suit you.

The ruled paper is 100GSM and actually handles fountain pens pretty well. I noticed next to no feathering regardless of the ink or nib size. The dry times are impressive and there was very little show through on the other side of the page. Granted, that when I did lay down a lot of ink, there was some noticeable show through but I really would not expect this kind of ink to be laid down normally. I just wanted to see what happened when you pushed it.

As you would expect, it did handle Gel/Ballpoint pens well and with hardly (if any) show through.

Each page has been hole punched and can be easily removed via pre-cut lines running up the left hand side.

The one slight disappointment was the quality of the paper used for the Information (Personal, Business and Contact) page. It seemed to have a glossy finish and the ink just sat on the page which meant it smudged very easily. 

Overall, I have been pretty impressed with this notebook and if you need an affordable notebook that can offer you a lot more, this is a decent option. I actually think it would even be a sound investment for students.

* I received this notebook to review and all thoughts and opinions are my own.