Fisher Space Pen - Bullet

This is a brand that I have heard mentioned by name many times but have to hold my hands up and say I know very little about.

For me, the two unique features of this pen are the size and in particular, the refill.

Lets start off with the size, it is advertised as a pocket pen and it definitely lives up to that! 

The best way to describe the barrel shape is to think of a thin bullet that has been stretched out, which about three-quarters of the way up the barrel has a smooth ridge that hints that something can move or be separated from this point forward. In this specific case, pulling on the barrel from either ends causes this pen to come apart (intentionally). As both parts of the barrel separate, it really does make a wonderful popping sound.

Once the pen is in two parts (the smaller section contains the refill), it is a simple case of posing the longer hallow barrel to the back of the smaller section.

For a pretty small pen, it is very comfortable to hold and write with for long periods of time. I did actually try to write by just using the refill section but this was way to small. The balance is pretty good if not just a tab bit top heavy. 

The finished I received is a matt black that has a textured finished which meant that during the writing process, it didn’t feel slippery at all to write with. It has the right about of grip.

Lets get onto the refill, this is not your standard refill….. it writes at any angle and even upside down!  It states it will still write underwater (which I haven’t tried). This is due to the refill using pressurised technology

I have actually found that I enjoyed the writing experience it provided and it didn’t skip once for me. While writing, I have noticed that the odd time that the ink lays down like a dark grey rather than black.

What do I think about this pen now that I have had it for nearly a month. Given the fact that my first choice is to use fountain pens, I have actually been really surprised at how much I have been using this pen. There has been one down side to this though. Turns out I did a very good job of talking it up to my wife as she has now taken “ownership” of it, as it will come in handy for her job as a midwife… looks like if I want to keep the Fisher Space Pen journey going for me, I’ll have to buy myself one! 

* I received this pen to review and all thoughts and opinions are my own