The Platinum Carbon Pen plus Desk Stand

Many artists seem to love this pen but how does it fair as an everyday pen?

This really is a loaded question as this pen is very long in length which kinda makes it a great everyday desk pen but I personally couldn't see this work as a daily carry pen. I can understand why artists like this pen as it lays down a fairly wet line which I am guessing would be great for adding shading to a drawing. 

I think this functions brilliantly as a desk pen thanks to its practical holder.  It looks really smart with its black barrel and gold trim and the barrel shape reminds me of a long thin tear drop that is hanging precariously from a tree branch. What I mean by this is that it looks so stretched, it is about to fall!

It's an all plastic affair regarding the material used for the barrel which makes this a super light pen to hold. It has a smooth finish and is very comfortable to grip and use for long periods of time. 

The nib is an Extra-Fine (no other nib sizes are available) and it's a great nib which suits its needs.  It's very smooth but strangely, it produces a serious amount of noise which to anyone watching you use this pen, would actually think the nib is super scratchy. The feed worked brilliantly as it supplied a steady flow of ink to the nib. When I was testing the line variation I did find that if you pushed it too far, it would railroad and stop writing all together. I found a few firm shakes got it going again though. With the nib, it actually works really well for reverse writing which lays down an even thinner line. In saying this, the feedback is crazy and the noise is so loud. 

I really would recommend investing in the desk stand as this would mean you can bin the cap they provide. It is flat out the most hideous cap I have every seen! Imagine a really stream line design that uses a run of the mill cap..... Honestly, buy the desk stand. 

How have I been using this pen you may ask? I have actually be using it to make notes and lay down small alterations to a font I have been producing. I find that the extra fine nib has been fantastic at writing small notes and drawing potential alterations I could make to a particular glyph. 

Overall, this pen has really surprised me and even worked its way into my daily use when I am working in the home office. 

This pen is not just great for artistic uses but also as a desk pen. 

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