Pelikan M205 Amethyst

As always (in my experience), the Pelikan brand is all about the attention to detail which in turn, creates a wonderful experience. 

From the moment you receive it, the packaging that contains your new pen is a joy to unravel and explore like an expensive Kinder egg. It's a great indication that you spent your money on the right pen. I won't go into detail about the packaging as that's your surprise to unravel! 

When pictures first started to circulate of the Pelikan M205 Amethyst I have to be honest... I really wasn't that keen on the colour. For me, it looked too vibrant for my tastes but what I was greeted with was a wonderful shade of aubergine that changed from light to dark from the translucent cap to the barrel once ink was added.  This pen is awkward to take a photo of as depending on what angle and what type of light hits it, you get a different shade of colour nearly every time. 

This is a demonstrator pen which is neat and beautiful but, in the same breath, doesn't allow you to view the colour of the ink due to the colour of the material used. If you are after a demonstrator pen to view your different shades of ink, this pen isn't suitable for that I'm afraid, but you can tell when you're nearing the end of your ink supply thanks to the translucency of the material. 

Regarding the M200/205 range, for me, this is the best of the Pelikan product range with regards to the length of the pen, both writing with and without the cap posted. It is well balanced but can be a bit top-heavy when the cap is posted. 

The nib provides a wonderful writing experience and the feed keeps up great, so during my time using this pen it didn't skip a beat. 

As with all the M200/205 series, it's a piston-filler which means you can use any ink you like.  

Overall I have been really impressed with this pen and I am very grateful I was given the opportunity to try one out first hand. 

Pelikan definitely brought their 'A' game to the table when it came to the creation of this fun pen.