Lamy Vista Fountain Pen

After taking a cold shower and a lot of crying due to my reviewing ballpoint pens recently I thought I would return to my warm happy place. Step up the Lamy Vista!

Design and Quality

The Lamy Vista was designed by a Mr Wolfgang Fabian who also design the Lamy Safari. It explains why these two models look pretty much exactly the same.  What makes the Vista different however is that it is a clear pen.  By the I mean it is made from a clear plastic material.  This style of pen can also go by the term “demonstrator”.  It means that when you have the Vista inked up you can see the cartridge/converter but also the ink in the feed section.

There is the silver Lamy logo at the base of one side of the barrel and this silver theme is continued with the strong clip and the top section of the pen cap. The cap also clicks nicely in to place.

Weight and Dimensions

As the main material for the Vista is plastic this makes it a light weight pen.  However there is a lot of issues with the balance of the weight.  With the cap posted it makes the pen very top heavy.  I actually found I couldn’t have the cap posted while writing for long periods as it made the Vista very heavy at the end and uncomfortable to hold.  It felt the most balanced with the cap on posted.

  1. With the cap it comes in at 13.8cm in length.
  2. Without the cap it is 12.9cm in length.
  3. With the cap posted it is 16.5cm in length.

Filling System

You can use a Lamy T10 ink cartridge or a Lamy Z24 Converter for bottled ink.  I am using the converter.  This actually makes the Vista shine for me as using a bright ink colour looks wonderful in the clear body/feed, almost themes the sections of the pen.

Nib and Performance

The model I purchased came with a medium nib and this is my first experience using a medium nib in the Lamy range. My overall experience is that I don’t like it, I find it way to wide for my own personal taste.  A silver cloud to this doom and gloom is that it is insanely easy to change a Lamy nib. Plus the fact it is very easy to purchase Lamy nibs. I might order a EF nib at some point. I did find the nib to write smoothly though.

The Cost and is it worth it?

The Lamy Vista costs roughly £13-14 from any good retailer.  I actually got mine from eBay for £10 if I remember correctly. My two main issues with the Vista are; 1) It feels a cheap pen to me, it just doesn’t feel as sturdy in the hand. 2) The weight balance is completely out, the cap adds so much weight to it.  I think I will go back to my Safari.

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