Platinum #3776 Century (Rhodium Trim) with Music Nib


Every so often, you come across a pen that you think will be pretty boring, only for it to surprise you. This is definitely one of those pens.

With regards to the looks of the #3776, it really doesn’t set the world on fire. A fairly standard black cigar shape with rhodium trim (which helps breakup the all black affair).

The weight took me by surprise as it is a heavier pen than I thought it would be. I should point out that I don’t mean this as a negative, the #3776 is very well balanced with or without the cap. During a writing session, it is a very comfortable pen to hold.

Were this goes from being a fairly standard (but enjoyable) pen to one that everyone should own is when you start to write with it. The music nib along with the feed creates one of the best writing experiences I have had in a long time. I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect as I thought it was just going to be like using a stub nib, which in certain parts it is. However, you really can push a fair amount of line variation out of the nib. Additionally the feed worked like a champ, even when I was pushing the nib, it didn’t skip a beat, not once.

It is a smooth writing experience if not just a tad bit rough in the left and up strokes, but I almost feel like I'm nitpicking with that.

One thing to be aware of is that there is a lot of ink laid down when writing (it is a music nib after all!), so this probably makes the music nib not a great choice as a everyday nib.

You can do reverse writing which produces a finer line but its super scratchy.

The refill mechanism is either via a cartridge or converter, though I really would recommend using a converter as it will open up a world of options for you via bottled ink. 

Overall I really appreciate Mr Scribble sending me this pen to review. I really am convinced that if you are into fountain pens, you should own one of these. Since I have sent it back to Mr Scribble, I have actually bought my own. I went for Chartres Blue version which I love.

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